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  1. Distance
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Oh darling I miss you
Laying here by my side
It's been a few months now
At a few thousand miles

And darling I hope you
Have the time of your life
as long as I'm there, somewhere
In the back of your mind

Woah oh oh distance
Woah oh oh distance

Yeah darling I crave you
And your delicate touch
It's better than letters, I guess
But skyping ain't much

While you're up in those mountains
With the clouds at your feet
I'm down in the valleys and I'm
I'm wading through streams

Woah oh oh distance
Woah oh oh distance

Darling I miss you
And I know that you miss me too
We'll be together soon
My love
Yeah darling I miss you
we'll be together soon and
everything will be as it was

Can't hold my excitement
Cos I know your back soon
No I don't need presents, my love
Your presence will do